Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Call to Arms

Call to Arms (War of the Fae, #2)Call to Arms by Elle Casey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The second book in this series didn't disappoint! The story line is serious, but the author has such a sense of humor in her writing, I was in stitches the whole time. I read both book 1&2 in a day! Elle ended the book on a cliff hanger, but I wish there would've been a little more resolve to it. I guess that will ensure that I read book three..

Jayne and her fellow changelings are trying hard to fit into the Fae world. They have to learn about their new world, as well as how to manage their powers. Jayne finds it harder to accept her new life/powers and deal with loosing her best friend. Since she is elemental, the Light Fae don't really know what she is capable of.

As if attempts to fit in and manage her powers aren't bad enough, she finds that the Dark Fae are after Tony. Jayne has to save him, but can she be the bad ass superhero?

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Elle Casey said...

So glad you're enjoying the series. :) Thank you for you review!

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