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The Secrets That We Keep Cover Reveal and Giveaway!!

Title: The Secrets That We Keep
Author: Isabel Lucero
Publication Date: Aug 2013
Julian and Annabella Rivera have been married for three years. To anybody who knows them they are the perfect couple; happily in love and made for each other, but Annabella has been keeping a secret. A secret she wants to keep from everybody, especially her husband.

When Julian, a FBI Investigative Specialist, begins working late nights, receiving mysterious phone calls and cryptic messages, Annabella worries she may not be the only one keeping secrets.

With her husband’s sudden change in behavior, the feeling that she’s being watched and the unexpected arrival of someone from her past, Annabella decides she needs to do some investigating of her own.

When secrets begin to emerge, will she be able to handle them? Will she be able to finally confide in someone about what happened all those years ago? Or will the ugly truth be too much to handle?


“I think somebody was following and watching me,” I say to him quietly.

Julian’s face instantly changes, he no longer has the look of concern and love but instead his face is hardened and he looks pissed. “What do you mean, somebody was following you? How do you know? Did they approach you at all?” The more he asks, the more I can tell he’s having a harder time controlling himself.

“No, nobody approached me, but there was this car that was tailing me when I was driving to meet my clients. I’m pretty sure I saw them hanging around at the park where I was taking pictures, too. They might actually be in some of my pictures!” I practically yell the last part because I had forgotten about those pictures; maybe we’ll be able to see who they are. “Oh and when I met with Jade in the city I saw the same car outside the coffee shop we met at, a little down the block, but it was two guys again and they were wearing baseball caps.”

Julian looks agitated and his legs are bouncing up and down, he’s chewing on his bottom lip as if he’s in deep thought. “What did the car look like?” he asks.

“Umm, it was a dark SUV. That’s all I know.”

“You’re gonna have to show me those pictures, Annabella. I’m not gonna have some assholes following you around. Just know, I’m going to find out who these bastards are and I’ll make sure they never come around you again,” he says vehemently.

His sudden anger and seriousness makes me nervous. “Babe, maybe it’s just a coincidence, maybe I’m just being paranoid. Who would want to follow me around anyway? I’m boring,” I say with a forced laugh, trying to joke and make light of the situation. It doesn’t seem to work.

“Yeah well, we’ll just see about that,” he says as he gets up and stalks off towards the backyard. “Get me those pictures Annabella,” he demands as he pulls his phone from his pocket and slips out the back door.

Well, maybe he’ll figure out it’s nobody. Maybe they were just some bored teenagers with nothing better to do. Then again, maybe he’ll find out something I may not want him to. I knew I shouldn’t have said anything. Dammit!

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Hello, I'm a newbie to this big ole indie author world. My novel, The Secrets That We Keep, is in the editing and revision process right now but I hope to have it out soon.

My love for reading isn't anything new, I've been reading for years now. However, I was first introduced to the indie world when I read, yep, you guessed it, Fifty Shades of Grey. After that, I was immersed in a world full of love and support. I am in awe of it still. I continuously see readers promoting their favorite authors, authors promoting authors and of course bloggers promoting authors and books.

I have been married to a wonderful and talented man for almost ten years now. Together we have two of the most beautiful and well behaved children to ever exist. I'm lucky that my husband is not only a reader, but a writer as well. It's an amazing feeling to be able to bounce ideas off of each other.

I look forward to releasing some teasers from my book and hopefully finding some people who are interested in reading it. This one is a Romantic Mystery but I do have another idea for a book in mind and that one will be more Erotica.

I'm excited for this new adventure in my life and hope to meet some really good friends throughout this experience. :)

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