Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Friends and Lovers Release Day Blitz!!

Friends and Lovers
by Vristen Pierce

After a job assignment in London, Stacy Washington is heading home. Home to her cozy apartment . . . and the two hot studs who share her bed. Picking up where things left off with Evan and Justin is exactly what Stacy needs, that is, until she finds herself caught between them-literally, figuratively, and in all the ways that feel insanely good.

She realizes she's falling in love with them, and they're both completely crazy about her. The only problem: Evan and Justin no longer want to share. Now Stacy has to make the hardest decision of her life-choose between the two . . . or accept the possibility of losing them both.

He walked down the dimly lit alleyway and as he neared, he heard the familiar sounds of sex. He smiled as he slowed his steps. At least someone was getting lucky; it didn’t seem to be Evan’s night. He debated whether he should take a chance on interrupting the busy couple or turn around and wait for the front entrance to get the all clear.
Just then, he heard a scream of ecstasy and he froze. He knew that particular scream all too well. Stacy. Evan’s gut twisted as his eyes finally made out the forms against the building. He didn’t know why seeing Justin and Stacy together shook him to the core. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t known they were seeing one another.

Still, being faced with it brought out an irrational jealous streak in him. He swiftly turned and made his way to the front of the building. Rather than heading for the entrance, however, he headed back to his truck.

Vristen Pierce has been crazy about books for as long as she can remember. Romance has always held a special place in heart, which is why she loves to write about it! She believes love should come with no color boundaries and stays true to that belief by writing the characters as they come to her, no matter the race. She resides in Oklahoma, where she's constantly entertained by the quirky characters known as her family.

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