Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Clash of the Otherworlds Review

Portal Guardians (Clash of the Otherworlds, #3)Portal Guardians by Elle Casey

This is a bitter sweet review for me, while I'm glad with how bad ass Portal Guardians ended.. I don't want to stop reading about Jayne, Spike, Tim, Tony, Jared, and all of the rest of the Fae in the Here and Now. I will miss demon wieners, spider nakies, Pixie butt dust, and sexy incubus smiles. I will never forget Jayne's mad hair cutting skill, nor how wonderful it feels to hug a tree! I have laughed, cried, and cried laughing during this series and the predecessor. I truly wish I could share this series with everyone, because it is very magical to me!

Cover Love and Writing
I really love the cover to this book, it is the best of the series! It is sexy, intriguing, and all that I could've imagined a dark fae in the Underworld would look like. The writing.. the best!!! I have always held Elle's writing at the top of my list. It is so funny and lighthearted at times, then serious and heartbreaking at others. I have never, ever, laughed as much as I have while reading.

Main Character
Jayne is the #1 most bad ass heroine I've ever read about. She takes no ones shit. She will stop at nothing to take care of her friends. You grow and learn right along with Jayne about the Fae world and what it's like to be an elemental.

Swoonworthy Points: 7
While there is a love interest, and some steamy kisses.. the focus is of course on saving the Here and Now (Earth). While my feelings for Jaynes love interest didn't go the way I wanted it to.. she ended up with the right person. The one I wanted her to be with all along.

I whole heartily recommend this series as well as the prequel series War of the Fae. Seriously.. go now and buy them!

To Elle:
Thank you sooo much for the books, thank you for the laughs, and thank you for the tears!

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Elle Casey said...

Ashley, I just ADORE this review. Thank you so much for all the time you put into it and into reading and enjoying the series. Now you've got me crying!! xoxo Elle

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