Sunday, November 18, 2012

In Flight Review

In Flight (Up In The Air, #1)In Flight by R.K. Lilley

ERMAGERD!!!!! Why haven't more people read this!?!?

Here's a little rant for this book, then I'll get on with my normal review. I have, like everyone else, read a lot of Millionaire/Dom meets Virgin/Alpha Male/With a effed up past books lately, and this is positively my favourite thus far! Why? Because its funny, and angsty, and smexy, and charming, hot, steamy, and any other adverb you wanna throw in there. The Dom was everything (will go into detail later), the story wasn't giving you a documentary on the history of BDSM, and the erotica was different and well disbursed. I've read a lot of erotica lately that has too many erotic scenes or it has the same old spankin' then sexin' scenes. Boring. In Flight introduces a few different erotic components that make you feel warm all over.. um yeah.. that's what I'll go with "warm."

Cover Love and Writing
I love the cover, its sophisticated yet kinky. It pertains to the book content and the model could pass as the main character. The writing was awesome, and I absolutely loved the chapter headings!!! Each chapter was headed with the personality that Mr. Beautiful-Controlling-Possessive-Mercurial-Affectionate Cavendish was feeling for that chapter.

Main Character
I liked Bianca's character. I could understand her situation and liked the fact that though she was a virgin, she was not naive. She understood what James wanted from her and didn't play cat and mouse with him. I wish I could be as strong as her too... of course she had weak points, but she put on a facade and went on with her life.

Swoonworthy Points: 9.5 (I would definitely have James' book babies!!!)
As I said above, this book has several BDSM elements/scenes that I've yet to read about or don't usually read about... the wedge, the leather glove, and the wonderful eff-me swing! I'd like to take a spin in that! BUT In Flight also has several normal tender swoonworthy moments as well! Especially when James is being Mr. Affectionate and Mr. Tender-lover!

Bonus Points +2
I loved the touch of humor Lilley added in her writing.. the chapter headings and especially 'Project Hot Mess' had me in tears laughing. I also LOVE Stephan, Bianca's BFF! He was so sweet, protective, caring, and overall amazing. He would literally jump in front of a bullet for Bianca. I wish I had a friend like him!

While on a Red-Eye to New York, Bianca had the pleasure of serving Mr. Cavendish in first class. He was beautiful, elegant, and a millionaire. She tried to maintain her stern facade and politely declined his request for lunch. She didn't date!

But Fate (or meddling friends) brought James and Bianca together again for Karaoke night. She tries very hard to dissuade Mr. Cavendish's advances, but his dominant turquoise eyes draw her in. Bianca decides to give James what he want's. But the two are not prepared to deal with a relationship nor their pasts. Will they be able to move over the hump or with their strong attraction simmer and burn out?

If you liked Fifty Shades, Gabriel's Inferno, and Bared to You.. you'll like this one more!!! :-P

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