Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Not Over Blog Tour and Kindle Giveaway!!

It's Not Over
by A.L Zaun
“If I let go, will you catch me?”

He had wanted her to help him win his ex-girlfriend back. She had wanted to teach him a few lessons on how to treat a woman. Neither one had planned for the unexpected.

I couldn't stand by and watch. It hit too close to home. I had to run fast and far to get away and forget him. He weaseled his way into my life, making me question rules I lived by and turned my orderly life upside down. I'm falling apart and coming undone. I don't do that. I'm Madison Stuart. I live life by my rules. I won't be derailed by a man. I won't...I can't.

She's gone. I'm desperate and going insane. I'll do whatever it takes to find her. I don't know when it happened, but I won't let her go, not like this. What has she done to me? I'm Rick Marin for crying out loud. I don't chase women, but she's not just a woman. She's Maddy--my Maddy--and I need her.
Follow Rick and Madison’s story, The Do Over’s most notorious couple, as they learn that It’s Not Over.

The Do Over
Life doesn’t look like it’s supposed to for Dani Ruiz, a hopeless romantic. After a painful and sudden break-up with Rick Marin, Dani hides away from reality, retreating to a world of fiction where she prefers book boyfriends over the hassles of a relationship.

Almost two years later, Dani’s friends are tired of watching her in a holding pattern, so they stage an intervention, forcing her back into the real world of dating.

Unexpectedly, Dani meets Liam Lucas, a down-to-earth firefighter. He might be the person to show her she’s still worth something. Dani’s hesitant to trust her heart with another man, but their instant and electric chemistry is something she can’t deny.

As Dani starts to believe that she’s found her real-life book boyfriend, Rick decides that he’ll go to any lengths to get her back. Seeing Rick as a changed man makes Dani question everything.

Can Dani trust her patched-up heart with Liam?
Or has Rick transformed into the man she’s always wanted?

Written from various points of views, The Do Over is a story of second chances and new beginnings.

“You’re absolutely right. You have every right to be upset with me. I’m very sorry Alex ambushed you. I’ve mishandled this entire situation.” I came up behind him. “Please, Rick, we can talk about all of this tonight, I promise.” I took off my scarf and laid it around his neck. “Come on, you’re freezing.” I ran my hands up and down his arms, trying to warm him up a bit.
“Madison,” he said in a tone that sent a dagger piercing through my heart as he turned to face me, “I’m not Liam Lucas. I’m not the guy Daniela imagined me to be. I am who I am. I’m an asshole to the highest degree. I’ve manipulated situations and people to get ahead. I bend rules and sometimes break them. You’ve seen me at my best, at my worst, and generally everything in between.” He paused and paced in a circle. “Just when I think I know who you are, just when I think there’s a sliver of humanity inside of you with a couple drops of red blood flowing through your veins, you pull this heartless fucking shit on me.”

His words hit me like a freight train. At the surprising impact, I stumbled back a couple of steps. I tried to steady myself, wanting to ignore his accusations and character assassination, but the red blood, flowing through my veins and pumping through an actual heart, bled.

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A.L. Zaun graduated from Florida International University with a degree in English Literature when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and cellphones were the size of a brick. Her impressive degree did absolutely nothing for her professional endeavors in health care management but did stir her imagination and opened up the world of books in a new way.

Armed with a large bottle of Diet Pepsi and a multi-pack of Extra Sugar-Free gum, A.L. Zaun spends her evenings bringing to life the characters that dominate her thoughts and interrupt her sleep.

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