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Seduction in Silver Blog Tour and Giveaway!!

Seduction in Silver
by Natalie Anderson

"A limited engagement…

For two weeks Nina Breslin had passed an enticing stranger when catching the Baker Street Tube to go to work. So utterly sexy, and enticingly foreign, she figures he’s eons out of her league—until the day he makes an outrageous proposal.

Dr. Eduardo Ruiz needs a break from the heart-breaking reality of his job. So when he finally introduces himself to the vivacious woman he’s been admiring, he quickly realizes they could help each other with their sticky situations…and have great fun in the process.

They agree to an outrageous plan. For one night only, she’ll masquerade as his girlfriend to appease his overzealous family members, and he’ll accompany her to meet with her ex-fiancé’s friends, pretending to be her attentive lover. Can they play by their own rules, or will they succumb to the pull of seduction?"

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Eduardo stepped closer. “You don’t value yourself enough.” He took her hand in a firm grip and dug into his pocket. “Perhaps this will help.”

Good grief, the guy had a small box in hand and now he’d opened it. She gaped at the glittering ring inside.

“This is for your aunt?”

“No,” he scoffed. “It’s for you.”

Nina snapped her mouth shut—speaking between clenched teeth. “You’re kidding. You said ‘girlfriend.’ ”

“I thought ‘fiancée’ might enhance the evening.”

“No way.” She peered closer into the box—it had to be said, it was dazzling. “It’s an heirloom?”


It was new?

“Don’t worry, it’s on loan from a jeweler.”

Don’t worry? Like it was an everyday occurrence to hand over a solitaire the size of a stuffed olive to a total stranger?

“Oh,” she mused. “Like in Pretty Woman?”

He looked confused. Didn’t the man do romcoms?

“The movie. When Richard Gere borrows jewels for Julia Roberts to wear to the opera,” she explained.

“Oh,” he shrugged. “Okay.”

“I’m not a hooker.” She dragged her eyes from the diamond to glare up at him.

“I know.” His laughter warmed, taking the edge off her completely. “But you’ve worn one before.”

“No I haven’t,” she admitted ruefully. “Corey didn’t give me an engagement ring. We were traveling and he said it wouldn’t be safe. He didn’t even get a cheap pretend one.”

There’d been no rock for her real engagement, and now her fake nonengagement had an eye-wateringly valuable stone to go with it. She might work in a bling store, but she knew genuine when she saw it. “This is crazy.”

“Mmm,” he agreed. “But fun, no?”

“No.” She fought to remain sensible. “You can’t spring this on your aunt. What if she wants to celebrate?”

“Then we’ll have champagne.”

Nina tried not to laugh. “What are you going to say to your family when it’s over between us and I’m off overseas?”

“That I’m heartbroken and sworn off women for life.”

Now that was interesting. It came so quick off his tongue, maybe it was the truth already. She gazed first at him—and then at the ring. She should be sensible, right? Like always.

But what woman wouldn't want to at least try such a ring on? And if you were going to act a part, you might as well go all “method,” right?

Natalie will be awarding a digital copy of BREATHE FOR ME (a backlist indie hot romance) and a $20 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.
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USA TODAY bestseller Natalie Anderson writes fun, frisky, feels-good contemporary romance for Entangled Publishing, Harlequin Mills & Boon and independently. With over twenty-five books published and over two million sold, she's been a Romantic Times Award nominee & a finalist for the R*BY (Romantic Book of the Year).

She lives in Christchurch, New Zealand with her husband and four children.

Find out more at her website and be sure to sign up for her newsletter.
She's also on Twitter @authornataliea and Facebook:


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I enjoyed the excerpt, thank you.


Unknown said...

That is the best kind of pretend boyfriend...YUM!
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This sounds like my kind of romance.

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I liked the excerpt! Thanks for the giveaway! kamclauc AT gmail DOT com

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With their chance meeting do you believe their are soul mates?

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MomJane said...

The excerpt left me wanting to know more.

Mary Preston said...

It is a great excerpt thank you.


Mary Preston said...

It is a great excerpt thank you.


Natalie Anderson said...

Thanks so much for hosting - I'm so sorry I didn't get the chance to comment sooner but I was out of town at the New Zealand Romance Writer's annual conference and I had limited net access - and mot fabulously the national rugby team was staying in the hotel too ;)
I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the excerpt - happy reading!!!

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