Monday, July 16, 2012

MadLib Monday- Featuring Jonas Hyde

A new feature to my blog, I will play a game of MadLibs with a featured Author. This weeks MadLib theme is Love Note.


Dear Love of my life,

You are so passionate. I love how beautiful your face is. Your eyes look like sparkling, graceful , candied hearts. Your hair flows like a lovely wine. You are more poised than night is dark. I love how your neck is like a perfect circle. My heart haunts me just thinking about you. My lovely darling, I love you so much. When we rescued, it's like electricity going up my lips. Whenever I see you, I want to play in the rain. Baby, you are the strawberry to my pumpkin.

I love pressing my faithful lips against your tender cheek.


Jonas Hyde
This week's featured author is Jonas Hyde. He is the author of Melpomene's Tears, a poetry collection of romantic tragedies. The collection has received high reviews (including one from me) and is a great deal on Amazon.

"MELPOMENE'S TEARS will transcend time and captivate its readers for an eternity." -L.M. Stull

Connect with Jonas:
Jonas Hyde Official Website

Buy Melpomene's Tears on Amazon:

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