Monday, July 23, 2012

MadLibs Monday/Giveaway- AM Hudson

The second ever MadLibs Monday is featuring AM Hudson.

Weird Day

Once upon a time there was an Eggplant named Trudy. She had bewildered snails! One day she met P. Diddy on the side of the Burger King, and they started singing. It was very itchy; they both looked like hobos! All of the sudden they started singing Hurricane, by 30 Seconds to Mars really loudly. They hugged and accidentally started jumping with Naomi Campbell. They looked really witty!

AM Hudson is the author of my favorite series of all time, The Dark Secrets Series. Her writing evokes so much emotion out of the reader, it is hard no to fall in love with the story. The story also grows with the main character Amara Rose, which is a plus in my book! David, the hot vampire in the book, is my book boyfriend too! lol. You can find her books on amazon, Barnes and Noble, as well as other book sites. They are a MUST read!

You can connect with AM Hudson here:

Here's a link to my reviews on the series:
The Knight of the Rose
The Hearts Ashes

Since I love this series sooo much, I have decided to share them with you.
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Anonymous said...

Haha this is too funny! Btw, I nominated you for the Liebster blog award! Don't know if you do awards but if you want to accept and pass it on the instructions are on my blog. :) Have a great day!

Angela M Hudson (AM Hudson) said...

Ha ha ha ha. Bewildered snails worked well. Lol

Unknown said...

It did.. I was cracking up when I filled the word into the paragraph!!

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