Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tune Tuesday

A weekly feature hosted by GReads! that showcases music - my other passion in life besides books! Each week I will post a new or old song in hopes to gain more interest. Help me in spreading the love of music! Feel free to get involved with this feature by linking up at the bottom of this post, thanks!

What were you listening to when you were a teenager? We all come from different decades, with different tunes. For this month, please pick some of your favorite songs that bring you back to those glorious teenage years!

The year: 1999

I was a Sophmore in High School.. and twas the beginning of my music exploration. I had so many different friends, and they listened to all different types of music. From my comfortable hip-hop/R&B to rap to alternative. So here's some of my favorites back then...
Moving On by Mya

Hard Knock Life by Jay Z

Ghetto Cowboy by Bone Thugs(This was my JAM!!!)

Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry

Scar Tissue by RHCP


Ginger @ GReads! said...

I love how we both featured music from 1999, yet we picked different songs! I still remember all of these.. Jay Z was huge.

Unknown said...

We were both in high school at the same time.. lol. I had to find songs that you hadn't listed already.

Hollie said...

I love the Jay Z song. Red Hot Chili Peppers are such an awesome band too!

My Tune In Tuesday

Sarah said...

I LOVE this list. I don't know that Mya song though... the only Mya songs I remember are Case of the Ex and Ghetto Superstar :)

That Bookish Girl

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