Saturday, July 14, 2012

Writing a bad review? To post or not to post...

I get so aggravated when I read reviews of books when less than 3 stars are given. Some of the books I absolutely love, receive terrible comments on amazon! It is hurtful to the writer, but also the sales of the book.

Here are a few things that I consider when writing my reviews:

1) If the book wasn't good, I already wasted time reading it, why waste time writing a bad review? If the book was okay, and I had some constructive criticism, I would make sure to include that in the review.

2) When reading, I don't care if there is a missed comma or something like that. I am reading to escape my world, and to join the world provided for me in the book. It's about the story people, and what/how it makes you feel!

3) Regardless of what I think of the book, others will think differently. The authors are trying to make a living with their books. I would feel terrible if I personally didn't like a book; but someone else would have loved it, and they didn't buy it because of my bad review.

Therefore, I never post bad reviews! I would rather spend my time reading a good book :) How about you?


Unknown said...

This is a very interesting topic that I am dealing with as a new book blogger. I just (kinda) finished an audiobook that I hated. I keep telling myself to finish it but it was like a chore. I am now thinking about doing a review. My issue is I don't want to have a blog full of good and great reviews only. I think there has to be a balance on my blog too! I understand what you mean about writers trying to make a living but I appreciate a honest negative review. I don't listen to all of them but I don't want to read (or buy) a book with only good reviews if it isn't a good book. I am still trying to figure this one out. Great post!

Bridget Howard said...

I can see not maybe writing a bad review, but honestly if you really didn't enjoy a book I don't think that it is wrong to say so. I feel that is the whole reason for book reviews. People that have similar tastes to you would probably not like the book either and you will be saving them time by telling them how you truly feel about it. I can see not wanting to hurt someones feelings though I am the same way.

Unknown said...

Very interesting thoughts :o I don't think I've ever looked at it like that before.. I think bad reviews can be helpful in ways but in some ways they can be flat out mean. It can help buyers know that this book wasn't very good and you shouldn't waste your money on it, but it can also hurt the author - I don't know, I try to base my opinion on mine alone but it can be hard when a book has many bad reviews! Good and bad to both sides, I guess .:D haha!
Oh by the way, I started following you from Feature & follow but couldn't find your post so here is mine ! (:
Thanks (:

Unknown said...

The reason for my blog is to post only books that I love (or like). Granted, on goodreads I will rate a book low if I truly didn't like it, but I only want to share "awesome" with my readers. lol

Unknown said...

Nor do I think it's wrong to express your feelings.. my point is that some people go out of their way to grip about a book (i.e. grammar, punctuation, plot, story like etc), or even tear it down, it can be very hurtful. Therefore, I will rate the book low, but then jump into a good book :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the follow, I followed back..

I as well, base my reviews on my own opinion.. but when I read others reviews, sometimes the saying comes to mind "If you don't have anything nice to say..."

I follow several writers and this topic comes up a lot. They put their work out there to be read and enjoyed, but also critiqued; they understand that everyone won't like their style or book. They do read the reviews, negative ones as well and it can seem like they are getting verbally attacked.

I guess my overall point would be, that if you feel the need to write a bad review, keep the above in mind. Thank you for your opinion!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading the comments on here. I know many people take a stand on this in their about page or review policy. Personally for me I pick books I will like. Generally I am going to know what I will like and I can't image reading a book I'd give a one or two too unless it was something I had to read for school....and then I wouldn't want to waste my time reviewing it. I do give 3 star reviews but normally these are contemporary books that although they are very good are not my favorite books (as I tend to lean towards paranormal, supernatural, fantasy). I think it is important that people know that about my blog when they read my reviews :).


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