Friday, August 31, 2012

Feature & Follow Friday

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Q: Best Cover? What is the best cover of a book that you've read and didn't like?

I thought this book was okay.. but the story had NOTHING to do with the cover. It was also more for middle grade. 

What do you think? What book had a beautiful cover but you didn't really like it?


Jessica (Peace Love Books) said...

haha, the story had nothing to do with the cover? I hate it when that happens! Great pick :)

Here's my FF!

Mrs. Jones said...

Super great cover!!!
great choice
Old follower-
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Unknown said...

Oh I do like that cover.
Thanks for stopping by and following me!

Christina said...

I hate when the cover has nothing to do with the book.

Old follower.

Ensconced in YA

Unknown said...

The cover does make it seem like is a dark, teen book. Old Follower! Thanks for stopping by!

~Caitlin :)

Lee @ Rally the Readers said...

I've read quite a few books lately where the cover has nothing to do with the story. It's kind of annoying when that happens.

Old follower. Our FF

Amber at The Musings of ALMYBNENR said...

That cover is creepy and interesting. I just noticed the people in the background!

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

It definitely has me intrigued! But I may pass on it.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Old Follower :)

Jennifer @ Bad Bird Reads said...

That is one creepy cover. I love it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Amelia-Rose said...

I really like this cover, its a shame the book has nothing to do with it! Great post and new GFC follower:)


Erica said...

I've read a few books like that lately, where the cover has nothing to do with the book.

New GFC follower :)

Unknown said...

I have this book but haven't read it. Middle grade, huh...

thanks for following us, returning the favor.

Cassi Haggard said...

That cover is kinda creepy, her neck looks broken or something. Doesn't look very MG to me though. I hate it when books and covers are well connected.

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Unknown said...

Hey Ashley!
I like the looks pretty cool.
Old follower.
I picked One Grave at A Time by J. Frost. Just didn't like the story but I really liked the cover.

Unknown said...

Hi!! Yeah, I'm not sure about the cover either. It is kinda creepy. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog.
Old follower.

Krystianna said...

I've actually never heard of this book but I really like the cover. I don't like it when a book seems to be YA but then it turns out to be more Middle-Grade-ish.

New follower via GFC. Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

Mel@Thedailyprophecy said...

Oh, the cover is very pretty indeed! Creepy :D

The Readdicts said...

Oh, I have this book on my Kindle app. The cover is so nice, the reason why I downloaded it! Hmmm... Let's see though. Maybe I can give it a try.

Thanks for stopping by my FF!

Jessica said...

Ooh this cover looks really pretty! Followed via GFC!


Naomi Hop said...

Yeah, the cover looks good, too bad it didn't relate!!
Thanx for visiting my FF
Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace
Old Follower :)

The Readdicts said...

I downloaded this book when it was free on Kindle, and I was pretty mch looking forward to it! The cover is so nice. Now I'm having second thoguhts about reading it!

Thanks for stopping by my FF!
Following you too. :)

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