Monday, August 27, 2012

MadLibs Monday and Giveaway Featuring Elle Casey

This week's MadLib features Elle Casey. Author of War of the Fae series and Apocalypsis series, as well as Wrecked and My Vampire Summer. Elle is an avid writer and reader. Mom, wife, professor, attorney. American living in southern France since 2010. YA Fantasy nut. WARNING: Her books will have you in stitches laughing!

Summer Vacation

It was the end of the Swashbuckling year, and summer was upon us. We gathered together for the roadtrip of our swords. Our Destination, you Pirate Ship? Mermaid Pajamas, Inc.World, of course, with a nice stop at the beach for some Boxing and Poker Chip bathing. Of course, as it always is, things didn`t go exactly as haunted. One car got an audacious tire, and another ran out of Wine. We didn`t even get there until Eleven days after we had planned to. But it didn`t matter. We were determined to have violin. So we went to the sensible theme park... and it swaggered. We went to the beach, and it was closed due to the Ruby Ring. So what did we do for our vacation? We drove over 1000 Thumb-Widths to stay in a Church and watch a bunch of Amulets.

Here are my reviews for War of the Fae: Changelings, Call to Arms, Darkness & Light, and New World Order by Elle Casey

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