Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bane Review

Bane (Devil's Roses #2)Bane by Tara Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The best way to say it.. I love this book series!!!
I am an avid book reader, having read 34 books so far this year. Bane is one of the best follow up’s I have ever read. It has more action, romance, and characters than the first book. I felt Cursed was slightly predictable, but had no clue where this book was going from chapter to chapter. I read it in one, six hour sitting.

The story begins in the desert, with the introduction of Ari. She’s a plain teenage girl, working at her uncle’s restaurant. Plain didn’t last for long. Ari went out for a run and it ended with her world being split, beyond belief. From that day on, she is plagued with struggles. Luckily she is adopted into a family that can help her learn what has happened. That’s where she meets Aimee, Lucas, and several new friends, and is trained to be a Devil’s Rose. But her problems only begin there; it seems that Ari’s situation worsens when she uses her new powers.

In the meantime, Aimee has to figure out who she loves. The heartbreaking decision plagues her over and over again. She has to shove her personal life aside, to find Ari; who had left because she didn’t want to cause her new family any more pain. When Aimee finds Ari, it seems that the dark side had found her first.

Epic battles, betrayal, love, friendship.. this book has everything!

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