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Feature and Follow Friday

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Q: What writing device or trick most irritates you when reading a book?

I'm not really a picky reader, but one thing that really aggravates me is when writers use 3rd Person POV that is done bad. I have when you're reading 3rd person and within a few paragraphs it goes from talking about how Suzy feels then how Bob feels. I also can't really relate to third person as well. I feel like I have multiple personality syndrome.


Anonymous said...

Hmm interesting. I also think it can depend on how well the writer incorporates the third person POV! There are a few books that have had me hooked because of it but then there are also quite a few books that make me feel disconnected.

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Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

True. 3rd person can be done well, but then yeah, other times transitions get lost and then everything is confusing!

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Jennifer said...

Multiple personality syndrome is exactly how I feel in some of those books! I don't mind third person narration, but it needs to be written right. Old follower.

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Mrs. Jones said...

SOOO true!
I have rarely read a 3rd person book that I enjoyed!
Its just so hard to do it right!

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Angie said...

I have some issues with third person, too. I always prefer 1st person, since it's more personal. Third person confuses me sometimes since it's not always clear who "she/he" is since everyone is essentially "she/he."

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Unknown said...

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Michelles Paranormal Vault Of Books said...

I do not mind 3rd person if done right, as if done right it can tell more of the story that you would otherwise not know about. But if badly done, sure, its not fun to read, :)

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