Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gabriel's Inferno Review

Gabriel's Inferno (Gabriel's Inferno #1)Gabriel's Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

Gabriel's Inferno was good.. I really liked it. I loved all of the comparisons to Dante and his writing, it made me want to go read Inferno. I love the Italian theme and how Dante speaks to Julia in Italian. It's very romantic.

The books was well written and poetic at times, it was also balanced with periods of humor and hotness. It was perhaps a bit too angsty, but I couldn't stop reading it! This book is compared to 50 Shades and I can't help but to agree with the comparison. However, I loved how Gabriel ended up being in the story.. I didn't like how he was in the beginning. You can't go from asshole to sweet lover boy overnight.

The Cover

I love it! It draws you in and is very hot!

Main Character

I'd like to start off with saying this book is written in the third person, and I always have a hard time relating to the main characters in that instance. Julia.. she is broken and at times weak and fickle. I can't say I blame her state of mind, but always shaking nervous. She's also a virgin, making her a virtuous angel.

Swoonworthy Scale: 8

This is the part of the book that I loved the most. It wasn't as hot as I expected it to be.. seeing how the hottest moments aren't until the end. BUT holy hell, the kissing scenes alone were enough to make you blush. Here's a scene for you:

He pressed into her firmly but gently, while his hands tenderly floated across her cheeks. He did not open his mouth. But the feeling that surged between them was more powerful than ever. Julia's blood sang in her ears, and she felt herself flush and grow hot as she pressed forward against his chest...

Add to the fact that Gabriel is hot!! He is tone and tan with a tattoo on his chest. He takes pride in how he dresses. And for the love of Gods, his beautiful blue eyes...


Boy meets girl and they have one very magical night, but the timing is not right. Dante tells Beatrice to find him in hell and rescue him.

Years later we find Julia in Prof. Gabriel Emerson's Dante Class. He's a temperamental ass and she's a fragile wounded woman. He doesn't recognize his Beatrice in the beginning and was very crass to Julia. By the time he realized, he's lost Julia and has to fight hard to try to get her back. But their past may very well keep them apart.

If you liked the 50 Shades series, you'd like this book as well. I would recommend it if you are in need of a good moderately long romance.

I loved this book!


Unknown said...

GReat review. I still have not read the first book. Hopefully I will soon.

Kristin Rene said...

I LOVED these books! I recommend them to everyone!

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