Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Librarian Review

The LibrarianThe Librarian by Logan Belle

ARC was provided by Netgalley and Simon & Schuster in exchange for my honest review.

*This is an Erotic Romance and is suitable for mature readers*

I am quite conflicted on this review, I really liked this book, but there were certain scenes that really disappointed me. The sex scenes were hot, and I loved the fact that Regina was a book nerd. I also liked the setting and the writing style of Belle.

I guess the main let down is Sebastian and the whole introduction to BDSM. To me, he was like.. you're my sub.. now strip, there was little to no explanation of what it means to be submissive (that she has all the control, it's about allowing someone else be in control of her pleasure, there can be pleasure from pain.. etc) nor the significance of the collar that he gave her. Sebastian seemed cold, never really tender until the end. There were only a few interactions between them before he took her virginity. After the couple was established, however, the story picked up.

I think that this book could be really good with a few adjustments. I can't help but to compare it to 50 Shades of Grey, the premise was the same, the sex scenes were hotter in The Librarian, the writing style was better in The Librarian, but I liked Christian Grey's character a lot better than Sebastians.

I liked this book!


Unknown said...

I got this too because I feel like I could identify with the heroine. I guess this was a futile attempt to jump into the erotoca/BDSM wagon.


Unknown said...

My favourite BDSM/Erotica read from Netgalley was The Theory of Attraction.. the characters were both Nerds and relatable, the BDSM was well explained, and simply said, it was hot!

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