Thursday, October 18, 2012

Swoon Thursday

A HAWT meme sponsored by YA Bound. From the book you’re currently reading, or one you just finished, tell us what made you SWOON. What got your heart pounding, your skin tingling, and your stomach fluttering.

Shout it out on Twitter with the hashtag #YABound, post it here in the comments, or grab the adorable button above and share it on your blog! We want to know :-)

So many swoons to post this week.. I don't even know where to begin. But this book made my heart do flips! It was great and double POV's are my fave, and I love the fact that he whispers spanish to her! If you haven't read this, I highly recommend it. It's kind of a long scene (sorry), but super swoony! Without further ado:

"No tongue," she adds.

"Mi vida, if I kiss you, I guarantee there's gonna be tongue."

She hesitates

"I promise it won't mean anythin'" I assure her again.

I really don't expect her to do it. I think she's teasing me, testing to see how much I can take before I crack. But as her eyelids close and she leans closer, I realize it's going to happen. This girl of my dreams, this girl who is more like me than anyone I've ever met, wants to kiss me.

I take over control as soon as she tilts her head. Our lips touch for the briefest moment before I lace my fingers in her hair and keep kissing her soft and gentle. I cup her cheek in my palm, feeling her baby-soft skin against my rough fingers. My body urges me to take advantage of the situation, but my brain (the one inside my head) keeps me in check.

So, what do you think? I know I am swooning all over again!!! What's your swoony moment of the week?


The More the Merrier said...

Great Swoons, I love when there are so many to choose from in the books I'm reading.

My Swoon

Wordsmith Publicity said...

I loved this book. I still need to read the last book. Nice pick!

ShadyLane said...

I luv this book so much! great choice for swoon thursday!

Unknown said...

Ashley I love this swoon! Love this (Our lips touch for the briefest moment before I lace my fingers in her hair and keep kissing her soft and gentle. I cup her cheek in my palm)

My Swoon

Catarina said...

AWWI loved this book and Alex! Great Swoon!

Here's My Swoon!

@Reading and Things

Angela ReadingCave said...

I love a man that can think with his real brain. Good swoon!

My My Swoon

Unknown said...

Ooo! Great swoon. I'm not familiar with this book but your chosen passage certainly got me interested.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

Val said...

Yummy! Nice pick.


Teresa Mary Rose said...

Great pick! I really enjoyed this book! It was so swoon worthy! Thanks for stopping by my swoon!

Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

Naomi Hop said...

Oh wow!! The brain in my head!! Good to see a man who realises he has more than one brain!! Lol!!

Thanx for visiting my SWOON!
Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

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