Monday, October 1, 2012

September Review

September was such a busy reading month.. I got 25 books read!! And some of them were absolutely amazing!! Here's my September Review:

Ashley's bookshelf: read

The Lost Prince
Fall Guy
The Iron Knight
The Iron Daughter
The Iron Queen
The Iron King
Gone Girl
On Dublin Street
Love Unrehearsed
The Feed
Project ELE

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Here's My Favourite Swoon Thursday (My Favourite Meme):

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young. Oh my, this is the Ultimate Swoony Book! (It is more of an adult book than YA, but definitely one of the most swoonworthy books I've read...)

His mouth crashed down on mine and the desire my body had been harboring for him for weeks took control of me. I clung to him, my hands digging into this back, my legs climbing his hips as my lips parted on an exhalation of relief that allowed his tongue inside my mouth to tease mine. The smell of him, the taste of whiskey on his tongue, the feel of his warm hands gripping me tight it... it all overpowered me and I made this throaty sound I couldn't control.

Favourite Read for September:

1. Splintered
2. On Dublin Street
3. The Covenant Series
4. Lengths

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