Sunday, January 20, 2013

Beneath This Man Review

Beneath This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas

She knew she was heading towards disaster. Every instinct told her to run, but Jesse Ward was a hard man to escape.

It has been five days’ since Ava O’Shea left Jesse drunk and raging at Lusso – left behind a man who drowned her in his intensity and blindsided her with his touch. Getting over this man was never going to be easy. And now he’s back in her life.

She has questions she needs answering, but her determination to get these answers will give the pleasure-seeking playboy the power to destroy her again. She needs to keep her eyes wide open and caution at the forefront of her mind, an ambitious intention when Jesse Ward is within touching distance. And he plans to be.

He’s dark, he’s broken – Ava knows this, but the only way to find out how dark and how broken is to get beneath the steely exterior of this man.

My Review:

I really like Malpas writing, I love her erotic scenes, and I like this series. I enjoyed This Man a bit more than this book. IDK, it just seems a bit tiring, all the freaking and fighting and freaking, then more fighting. I like Jesse, I love his dominant ways.. oh and his healthy sexual appetite ;)

I want to be swooned by him, get to know him more, but Ava is always resisting him. I think Ava is ruining the book for me. Why would she say one thing then do another?! Grrr. You already know how this man would be.. take him or leave him. Quit driving everyone crazy!!

Malpas is wonderful at writing erotic scenes. BUT I do think that there is erotic overload in this book. I love reading the scenes, (the rowing machine... YES!!), but the fifty other times they do it.. not so much. It takes away from their relationship, to me it feels more about sex than about loving each other.

And shoot me, but I feel like this book is leaning towards the co-dependant relationship like the Crossfire novels. It is a turn off for an Alpha male to be such a big baby. With all that said, I thoroughly liked the book and will be waiting to see what happens in the next book! I do love Jesse!

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