Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Guy Review

Fall GuyFall Guy by Liz Reinhardt

This book was superb! The romance between Evan and Winchester is so sweet, steamy, and at times aggravating. I love the duel POV's.. guy/girl that Liz is so great at. I love Winchester! Fall Guy is very well written and I couldn't get enough of the steamy romance scenes!! The book had several tidbits of humor too!

They first cross paths at a court hearing.. Evan accidentally torched her ex's property and Winch had public intoxication charges. There was an instant attraction, until Winch spoke. He is full of pure cockiness and self control. Evan full of pride and a raging temper. They couldn't be more opposite, yet the attraction they feel for one another is too strong.

Evan tries to fit into his life, but everything about Winchester Youngblood is 'Complicated.' Evan has to decide whether she can compromise with his crazy family life. Promises are made and hearts are broken in this gripping New Adult Romance. I definitely recommend it!

I loved this book!

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