Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday-(2)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish :D Every week a different topic comes up and bloggers list their top ten books in that category.

Ever have that wish that you could just meet the person that wrote that book, or works on that blog? Okay, since I've started blogging I have met many authors that I'd love to meet! Most importantly I would love to meet anyone from the blogging community because I love to discuss books, and who better to chat with than fellow book lovers?!?! Here's my TOP 10 List of Authors I'd love to meet and why. Most of these are Indie Authors and if you haven't heard of them please click the links and get to know them!

1. A.M. Hudson Author of the Dark Secrets Series, (which happens to be my very favourite series). She is down to earth, and very generous. She has graciously given me ARC's of both book 3 and 4. I just love this series sooo much!

2. Elle Casey Author of the War of the Fae and other series. She is a freaking riot! Seriously her writing is the funniest I've ever read, but she's also really nice too! Once, she had a giveaway on her website and I won like 10 e-books :D

3. Tara Brown Author of the Devil's Roses and another new series. I love her! She is so nice and encouraging with regards to my own writing. The Devil's Roses is in my top ten series too!

4. Kendall Grey Author of the Just Breathe series, a NA paranormal series. She is seriously a nut.. just read her twitter posts and you'll soon learn.

5. George R.R. Martin Author of A Song of Ice and Fire better known as Game of Thrones.. I seriously can't wait for Winds of Winter.. I am dying to know what happens to Jon Snow, Tyrion, and Jamie. I have a few theories and would grill him for answers :-P

6. Tahereh Mafi Author of Shatter Me. I am a super FANGIRL for this series and Mafi's writing. I could literally study for years and not be able to write on her level. I am amazed.. blown-away by her writing.

7. Jennifer L. Armentrout Has to be one of my favourite authors. I haven't read anything she's written and not absolutely loved. I have even posted a confession of my love for JLA lol. I think she's brilliant. (and if Pepe is there, even better)

8. Jamie McGuire Author of Beautiful Disaster, I loved this book. I would like to ask her what her inspiration for Travis Maddox was.. he's my book husband.

9. C.C. Hunter Author of the Shadow Falls Series, another of my top ten favourite series. She has been very nice, and selected me to be a part of her Street Team. I have received several free books from her, and an awesome T-Shirt.

10. Suzanne Collins Author of the Hunger Games series. I would just like to thank her for igniting my now insatiable reading habit! If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be writing this post right now!

What's your top ten this week?


TP said...

George Martin would be high on my list too - I haven't caught up with the series yet (only finished 3 books), but I'm looking forward to reading the 2 that I haven't gotten to yet.

Tanya Patrice

Unknown said...

I have a great love for that series and the t.v. show! I have a huge Nerd-Herd that discusses everything about it!

Melissa Haggerty said...

I love your list especially Jamie McGuire and Suzanne Collins! I only read the Hunger Games series this year, but it was amazing, and I would love to meet Suzanne Collins.

My Top Ten.

Ula said...

Nice list, we have a few in common, from both today's TTT as well as one of the previous ones where I only included authors :)


Tanja - Tanychy said...

You can take Pepe, I want Aiden! :D Great list! I haven't read any George Martin's book, but I love Game of Thrones TV show! :)
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Angela @ Reading Angels said...

I'd love to meet Tahereh as well!
I got to meet Jennifer AND Pepe! :D Sigh...he kissed my check, it made my world go round ;P LOL

Anonymous said...

Great list. I'd love to meet JLA, really excited for Cursed today. I'm a new convert but I really like her books. But who is Pepe? I'm off to investigate. Thanks for stopping by :)

Kate Maxwell said...

Wow, a whole bunch of authors I have not heard of (except for Hunger Games and Game of Thrones series). Thanks for stopping by my site.

Unknown said...

Pepe is the model for Daemon Black!!

Katja Weinert said...

Love G R R Martin's work :) and you have a lovely blog so I'm following.
Thanks for stopping by earlier.

Rachel said...

Great list! I had a chance to meet Tahereh Mafi once, when I didn't really know who she was; now, I totally regret not going. Thanks for sharing!

Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

Michelle said...

Some really cool people!! I don't read much fantasy, but I'm slowly starting to get into it. These sound like good ones to check out! Thanks for stopping by My TTT ...and PS I LOVE your header graphic, so cute!!

Krystianna said...

I'd love to meet Suzanne Collins. I'm in love with The Hunger Games... it's my all time favorite series! Besides Harry Potter, of course. :)

Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

Ashley G. said...

How did I forget Suzanne Collins?? Obviously, there are too many amazing authors I still want to meet! I should have done a top 20! lol. Great list! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Jana said...

Tahereh is SO sweet! I loved meeting her over the summer. She has the cutest fashion sense as well. :) Suzanne Collins is a great pick! I'd love to chat with her. :) Thanks for visiting my list!

- Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl

Ange said...

Suzanne Collins! Good one! Taherah Mafi is delightful! I hope I get to meet her again and again! She is SO funny and fascinating! AND she has great style! I still need to read a Jennifer Armentrout book! Her newest, Cursed, looks SO good. Happy reading.
Top 10 @Libby Blog

Elin said...

Love your list:) Suzanne Collins is a good one. Love the hunger games:)

Unknown said...

I'm with you on 6, 7 and 10. Great list!

Thanks for stopping by :)

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